My Grandparents Moved.


My grandparents moved. At 81 & 83 years old, they’ve moved from the home that I have always known them to have, the ranch. I have mixed feelings, but an overall thankfulness that my grandparents are able to move to a home that is more manageable for them.2K1A8229

I also have a feeling of silliness. How does a grown woman, have such a fondness for a place that as I was walking around their home for the last time; I felt like I couldn’t take in enough of the sights, smells, and details that are reminiscent of my childhood in. 2K1A8215

I took a zillion photos, and was picking up rocks and leaves from the the trees as I left. As I was getting in the car, I thought: “what am I doing?” I was trying to literally hang on to it, like a child gripping her prized possession as her parent is pulling her away. I put it all back knowing that, yes I loved this place, but it is the memories, and the fact that I still get to spend time with my grandparents whenever I want that are the true treasure.2K1A8318

I think somehow we can attach happy feelings, sometimes to material things when it is usually something else that makes us feel good about that thing. Does that make sense?

My grandparents ranch is just a piece of property, but my attachment and fondness for it is because when I fell into a blackberry bush my grandpa would let me sit on his knee, wipe my nose, and get me a cookie.

It is because when I woke up at 6:00am I could hear my grandma in the kitchen cooking bacon and rice for breakfast.

It’s because this is where I learned to love gardening. 

It’s because this is the place where my siblings, cousins, and I played outside all day making up games that are only recognizable to each other.

It’s because this is where I took naps outside in the grass.

It’s because this is where I first learned to love eating a vine ripened tomato from the garden.

It’s because when it was dark, we would “enjoy the nice weather” sitting outside looking at stars and spotting airplanes.

Because this is where my grandma and I would make homemade cookies.

Because this is where I learned to do simple chores for a quarter.

Because this is where I learned the fun of a cardboard box. 

Because this is where I learned how to can food.

Because this is where I spent hours dressing up paper dolls.

Because this is where I learned to let my imagination go wild.

Because this is where I always felt loved no matter how dirty faced I came to the dinner table.

Because this is where my grandparents loved us. 


We went to their new home this weekend which is lovely, appropriate for their season of life, and beautiful. Those same feelings of love, came right with us there too. It’s the people that matter folks. People make the home. I will miss that place I spent so many hours learning so many things, but am thankful for the blessing of my grandparents. I am thankful for love.2K1A8159PizzaParty

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