Summer To-Do List 2016


Go to the beach

Watch Fireworks

Blow Bubbles

Go Camping (& make s’mores!)

Go Swimming

Make Homemade Pizza

Sidewalk Chalk


Run through the sprinklers

Play frisbee

Have a picnic

Go to a Farmer’s Market

Go on a date with the kids

Make Popsicles

Look at the Stars

A summer craft with kids

Completely “unplug” for one dayDSC091632K1A22472K1A39082K1A39392K1A02612K1A0068DSC09223

.and if you where interested I also use summer as a deadline to get some things accomplished. Here are some of my summer goals:

Order pre-school curriculum

Read 5 new books

Turn our downstairs closet into a pantryPizzaParty

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