A Summer to a Winter Garden…aka the garden is a hot mess.


I’d like to pretend our garden is completely groomed, weed free and productive all year around….but I’d be lying. From about late July the beginning of September, things start to look downright unruly. 2k1a8489The tomatoes have completely spilled over the trellises and the squash has absolutely taken over. Not to mention, that zone 9 heat starts to take it’s toll. I start pulling out plants one by one leaving dry leaves, fruit, twigs, you name it,behind.2k1a8491 So what’s left is a lovely serenade of exhausted soil, dry bits of our once productive summer garden, and toys that have been taken over by the plants (it’s like Christmas on garden cleanout week 😉 ).2k1a8483 We harvest the last bits of our summer produce, throw everything else to the compost, weed, rake, sift, amend, drink iced tea, and wonder why in the world we create this much work for ourselves. 2k1a8486Our answer is waiting of course come mid September when our beets, lettuces, garlic, potatoes, and cruciferous vegetables are sitting beautifully in the soil growing day by day. Have I mentioned that a winter garden is my most favorite’s of all gardens? For now, we’ve got this to work with. 2k1a8485Just keeping it real folks.


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