5 Things We’ve Found Out About Ground Cherries.

Grey and I started growing ground cherries in 2014. For three summers we have enjoyed this not so common fruit for salsas and snacking! Here’s what we know about these cherry sized fruits:



1. It’s best to start seeds indoors six to eight weeks before your average last-frost date…or buy transplants. Be sure to harden off seedlings before transplanting ground cherries! We like Aunt Molly’s variety of ground cherry from Rareseeds.

2. They taste like pinappely-citrus-cherry tomatoes. …all bundled up in a paper husk.2k1a8467

3. They produce like crazy! We usually cannot keep up with them once they set fruit.2k1a8469

4. They fall off the plant before they are ripe sometimes. Ground cherries are ripe when the fruit is a warm apricot gold color, not green or pale yellow. Unlike most fruit, they will fall off before they are ready. Simply scoop them up and let them ripen, in their husks, on your counter-top.2k1a8460

5. Kids love them! The reason we originally planted these back in 2014 was because of this claim. We love encouraging our kids to explore the garden and snack while they are out there. Our little guy will stay busy picking, unwrapping, and eating ground cherries for quite a while!

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