About Growing Garlic


The genesis of (almost) every meal in our home. These tiny cloves bring so much flavor to dinner. It is so nice to have homegrown bulbs of garlic hanging in our pantry. The best part is (obviously) the taste, but the second best part about homegrown garlic is that it is incredibly easy! Here’s what we know about growing garlic:2k1a9249

1. Plant garlic in the fall instead of the spring. They will be bigger, better bulbs.

2. Plant cloves 6-8 inches apart with the pointed end facing up.

3. Harvest them early to midsummer when about one third of the leaves look withered and dry.2k1a9260

4. After you have your bulbs, they will need to dry so place them in a warm dry place…but not in direct sun. I will repeat—not in direct sun, we ended up with a lot of roasted garlic one year 😉 .

5. Store them hanging up in a cool, dark, dry place for up to 6 months. For the other 6 months, enjoy homemade garlic powder 😉


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