Work With Us

BriannaAndGrey-047Looking to work together? We love working with brands we personally use, and trust. We offer many different ways to work together, and have highlighted below, some of my most popular partnership options.

Recipe Development: Looking for a creative and original recipe using your product? We love creating recipes, and would love to speak with you about working with your product.

Freelance Writing and Editorial Content: Looking for content for your website, company blog, newsletter or print magazine? We write articles for companies looking to feature seasonal fresh ideas on how to incorporate gardening in classical and unique methods into the lives of their readers.

Brand Ambassadorship: We would love the opportunity to represent your brand. Ways we can work together in an ambassador relationship is by sharing your product on Grey & Brianna, creating original recipes using your products, social media shout outs, etc.

Product Reviews and Giveaways: Do you think your product is the perfect fit for Grey & Brianna readers? We’re happy to offer an honest and comprehensive review of your product. Please reach out to learn about our giveaway and review policies.

Brand Sponsored Travel and Retreats: We’re available for brand retreats, events and media trips. We will share your companies message via social media and can arrange for a possible follow-up post on Grey & Brianna.

Advertising on Grey & Brianna: Various ad space is available on Grey & Brianna. Pricing depends on ad size and location.

Please email me at  greyandbrianna@gmail(dot)com to talk about partnership opportunities. I look forward to hearing from you!